Friendships After High School

“Friends are the flowers in the garden of life.”

How can I make sure I remain close with my friends when we’re gone?

Fact: According to studies, friendship helps foster good health, longevity and alleviates stress.

It’s hard to stay close when you’re so far away, can I do it?

Something that lurks in the shadows of college is the daunting idea that you may lose some friendships due to distance.

The best way to remain close is to formulate a plan.

You can set up specific times to facetime or call, and make sure you text.

An even better and meaningful way to keep in contact is write letters. They may take a little time, but will make their day when they receive it, and yours as well. On Pinterest, there are tons of ideas. The “Open When” letters is a great idea and a perfect “send off” gift for your BFF.

It’s hard to think about when you’re caught up in the excitement and newness of college, but is something that should be brought up between friends. Be sure to take the time talk before it too late.